My New Office!

Friday, June 7, 2013

As of Monday I officially took over as the Training and Development Specialist at my company.  I'm sad to be leaving behind my old job but this new job comes with more responsibility, money, and most importantly... my own office!

Because my boss's last day wasn't until today I had to spend the first 5 days in my new position at my old desk which was pretty difficult since I need access to files that are in another office.

I was planning on waiting until Monday to move since I thought my boss would stay for most of the day, but he left around noon today though so we all quickly started shuffling around.

I have now gone from this:

To this:

Please excuse the clutter in my cube... I was in the process of packing for the move.

I lose my nice window but I gain a door.  It'll be an adjustment but a good one, I'm sure. ( I did not mean to make that rhyme!)

I just need to find decorations now.  I was thinking about getting my Master's Degree framed but I haven't really decided just yet.

Best part about moving today?  I don't have to worry about trying to get it all done on Monday and then jumping right into work!


  1. Congrats Erin!!!! that's awesome. i haven't been in the loop for some time and i've missed a lot. congrats on the new position and the job. and your own office. that's awesome! although i still wish you could bring the window too

  2. Congrats! The new office looks so nice!

  3. Congratulations on your new office! It looks great!

  4. Congratulations, Erin! Being given your own office only means that you've leveled-up. :D Did you know that strategic office design helps boost productivity. Practice ergonomics and space-saving techniques AND keep your desk clutter-free. The latter doesn't work with everyone, but you seem a pretty organized girl to me. :))

  5. New job position, new office, and definitely a new chapter in your life. Congratulations. Your office is quite big. Have you started decorating it now? I think that's the best part of transferring to a new office: your design, your rules. Good luck! #Allan@

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  7. It seems like your 2013 was quite a handful! But no worries. Just your job and your space and everything will fall into places. And I think by now, you are fully acquainted with your fabulous life! Hope that 2014 will bring you the same luck! Cheers! - Angela

  8. This new office of yours is very stylish indeed. The colors, aesthetics and design all complement each other. There's a relation between the quality of work and the condition of the workplace. A presentable office will most likely attract positive vibrations and produce a more efficient work production. Thanks for sharing!

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