One Year Runningversary!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's my one year runningversary! And, yes, that is totally a thing.  It was exactly one year ago today that I was sitting around my apartment in Dublin and said, "I want to become a runner."  I had been reading running blogs for a long time and was always amazed at how much some people loved running and I really disliked how much I disliked it.

So how am I doing one year out?  Well, I'm still running!  I trained pretty consistently during my time in Dublin and then came home, ran a 5K and then took some time off.  It was around then that I started a new job, got a puppy, etc. so I think taking time off running was just what I need.

After a few months of not running I realized that I wanted to get back into it.  This was really important for me because I realized that I actually missed running when I wasn't doing it!  As a self proclaimed running hater, this was a big deal.

Signing up for my first half marathon was a huge turning point for me.  I got a running buddy and mastered the art of running at a conversational pace and suddenly I was actually really looking forward to my long runs.

I went from never having run more than 3.5 miles to doing a half marathon in a matter of 10 weeks!

Since my half I've only run a few times and I'm realizing how valuable having a race to train for is (for me at least).  I think I've pick out my fall race and I'm already getting excited about hanging my training schedule up in my office. (I still haven't been able to take down my old one just yet).

So, one year in and I'm doing great!  I still don't know if I can call myself a "runner" just yet but I'm enjoying whatever it is I am.
A picture from Day 2 of my running challenge a year ago


  1. Congratulations and happy runningversary!

  2. I think you can call yourself a runner whenever you like, if it helps to inspire you! I call myself one, although I've been really bad lately so I need to read more posts like this one to get myself out there again. You're still overtaking all the people on the couch, however slowly you run - that's how I look at it. Congrats on your year!

    1. I love that outlook and totally agree!

  3. i wish i had your half of determination in running. i always make excuse for myself to bail

  4. Awe, congrats! I doubt I'll ever have the stamina to run a marathon, but I've learnt to enjoy my treadmill :).

    Hope you're having a great weekend! ;)