10. Go Skydiving Again

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I just searched my blog for a recap of the first time I went skydiving but it looks like I never did one!  In summary: I loved it.  The moment my feet touched the ground I started thinking about when I would get to do it again.

When I saw a Groupon for the same skydiving place on Christmas morning last year I knew it was a sign and I quickly bought it for myself as a present.  None of my friends wanted to join but I was completely fine going alone.

Then my sister decided that for her birthday she wanted to go skydiving and lo and behold there was another Groupon the next day!

When my other sister found out we were both going she decided she wanted in, too. I was a little worried about this one.  At almost 23 years old she is still afraid to go into our basement alone because of the "nuns" that live down there... don't ask where the nuns came from... for some reason we convinced ourselves as kids that they were there.

After a couple of reschedules due to weather we finally got to jump on July 5th. It was about 95 degrees out but I figured, what better way to cool down than to hurtle yourself through the sky?

Other than the heat it really was the perfect day to do this.

After a short training/warning video we met our instructors, suited up, and squished into a plane that could make tighter turns than my own car.

I don't know if people believed me when I said this after the first time, but I really wasn't nervous.  Sure there's a pretty high risk of death, but it would probably be quick and painless. I think what it really is, is that my body doesn't understand that adrenaline often signifies fear and it just reads it as pure excitement instead.  I'm not going to argue with it.

Anyway, the climb up in the plane was long and hot and I literally had a man sitting on my lap, but the jump was exhilarating. We were jumping from 10,500 feet.  I forget how long we were in free fall for but once the parachute opened we glided around for a few minutes.  It was so clear out that day that we could look to the horizon and see Boston and then spin around to see the mountains of New Hampshire. I really can't think of anything to compare the feeling to but I think it is something everyone should experience at one point in their lives.

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  1. i can imagine how you felt. that must be amazing. this is so cool Erin. and i'm so jealous. hha