Montreal Bachelorette Weekend

Monday, August 5, 2013

In just a couple weeks one of my best friends will be getting married.  Since she is the first in our group of friends to do so, she is kind of acting as the test subject for how all of these events will go.

For her bachelorette party we decided to take a long weekend in Montreal.  Other than my road trip to Alaska, I hadn't been to Canada since sophomore year of high school.  We left bright and early on a Friday and started the trek.  I actually enjoy long car rides as long as I'm not driving.  It took about six hours with a few pit stops and some traffic at the border and getting into the city.

We were staying at the Holiday Inn in what I believe was the Chinatown of Montreal.  There was a koi pond in the lobby so it was pretty legit.  At this point we were all starving but there were some troubles at check in which resulted in us grabbing Subway which was the first place we walked by once we were all settled in.

We had dinner at a pizzeria called Bivo.  We had delicious pizza and even more delicious wine.  From there we headed out in search of a karaoke place.  It took a while and a few taxi but eventually we found it.  Anyone who knows me will know that drunken crowds loudly singing is not my thing but I was proud of my ability to hang in there.

On our second morning in the city we ended up splitting up for breakfast.  A few wanted crepes and a few of us wanted anything that would stop the hunger so we stopped in a Starbucks-like shop for a sandwich and coffee.

From there we took a stroll through the McGill campus and then headed up a small mountain.  I of course can't think of the name of it, but it provided a great view of the city.  We wanted to check out a church that was a bit of a walk away, but it was essentially just a massive park between us so we continued to stroll.

The church was interested but a little more modern than I like my churches.  It did provide another nice view of the city though so I would recommend checking it out if your ever in the city.

Later that night, and only after some fun and games and drinking in the hotel room, we headed to Bonaparte for dinner.  This was one of those fancy places with multiple utensils and more than one course.  I had the most delicious food I have ever tasted there.  I would go back to Montreal just for the mushroom ravioli.

We had plans to go out that night, but when our waiter (at this very classy establishment) heard that we were there for a bachelorette party, he said that we HAD to go to what he describe as a place for "adult" fun.  Basically a male strip club.  No, not basically, definitely a male strip club.  We of course agreed that we HAD to go.  It was by far the best part of the trip.  Pretty much the entire weekend was planned down to the minute, and yet this one random spontaneous side trip was the highlight.

It ended up being a late night so the next morning was pretty relaxed until we all clambered back into our cars and made the long journey home.

Now bring on the wedding!

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