Jack Kerouac 5k... again

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

You may remember that last year the first race I ran when returning from Dublin was the Jack Kerouac 5k in Lowell.  Since I now live about two minutes from the starting line, I figured that would be a perfect race to run to measure my progress over the past year.  I was running it alone this year and I was also nursing a sore IT band but I figure I'd be able to at least finish the race, even if I didn't beat my time from last year.

Well, not only did my IT band hold up, but I took 4.5 minutes off my time!  Last year I finished in 32:26, this year was 27:57.  4.5 minutes for a 5k is pretty awesome-- to me at least.  The best indicator for me was how I felt after the race.  Last year I really thought I was going to throw up.  I was light headed and did not feel great.  This year I felt almost nothing (other than my leg).  I grabbed some water and a big cookie, watched a few others finish the race, and then strolled back to my apartment.  No pain, no dizziness.  Really a world of difference.

Unfortunately, I have bad news about the B.A.A. Half that I am supposed to be running this weekend.  My IT band injury put me out of commission for the two peak weeks of training (I missed my 11,12, and 9 mile runs).  Now that my leg is starting to feel better (though it is still questionable) I'm suffering from an awesome cold and possible case of bronchitis.  In summary, there is just no way I can run this race this weekend.  If I had missed a few long runs maybe, if I had hurt my IT band but still managed to get the runs in maybe, if I had a cold but hadn't missed any runs maybe, but all three of those combined?  I think it would just be foolish of me to try.  On the bright side, I did raise $550 for Dana-Farber/ Jimmy Fund. As disappointed as I am that I won't get to run, I am very happy that I was able to raise something for the group.

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