Tabula Rasa

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

There are very few things I enjoy more than starting with a truly clean slate.  For most of the holiday season I was in a very rough state.  There were various causes for this, but it finally seems like everything is falling into place.  And it is a very good place.

With my new job on the horizon, I am using my down time at work to do some purging.  It was mostly work related things I started with.  I can be a huge pack rat, but I think I enjoy throwing things away as much as I enjoy hoarding them.  Going through a year and a half worth of notes and presentation and general office build up was an amazing feeling.  I thought this would take most of the two weeks I have left here, but I was done in about a day.  Whoops.

Since I don't have much real work to do, I moved on to my personal e-mail account.  I know people have different views on old e-mails, but I am at my happiest when my inbox is completely empty.  With all of my job alerts and my foray into online dating, my inbox was reaching anxiety inducing numbers.  Clearing that took almost a day on its own but, man, did it feel good to have a completely clear screen when I logged in.

Since those two things alone made me feel great, I decided to tackle my massive pile of unread blog posts.  That number was even bigger than my e-mail inbox.  Although I don't know most of the people who I follow, it felt like I was catching up with long lost friends.

That also led me to writing again (long time no see blog!) and more importantly, cleaning up my site.  I've been very proud of my HTML skills that have developed over the past few years, but I really just wanted to wipe it all clean. So I did.  I'm sure I'll start playing around with it soon, but for now I'm back to the most simple layout I could find.

Now I just need to find the time to tackle the disaster that is my apartment so I can really start fresh at this new job!

Out with the old, in with the new.
Resignation letter / Offer letter.

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