Monday, February 3, 2014

I've had quite a few jobs in the last 10 years, but working for three different companies in a one week span is definitely a new record for me.  Today DRC official was no more, and I am now an employee of Engility... until Thursday which is my last day here anyway. I'll start with my real new company on Monday.  At least I got a new mug out of the deal.

I came into the office this morning with every intention of eating well and sticking with it.  I've been really bad with my eating these past few weeks.  Of course I forgot all about the first day celebrations for the new company and instead of eating all of my fruits for breakfast, I ended up with several pastries.  I'll do better with lunch.  Baby steps.

I've got pretty much everything already cleared out of my office... except for my pictures.  Those will stay until my last day.

Now I'm just waiting.

As eager as I am to start the new job, it is very nice to have some down time where I'm not really expected to accomplish much.  I'm sure by the time Thursday rolls around I'll be more than ready to get out of here and start working again.

Well this was a pointless post, but it has at least kept me occupied while I sit on hold with my cell phone company!

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  1. ahh, good luck with your new job! sometimes transition takes time a while, and sometimes it's just bitter-sweet. but new adventure is always exciting, isn't it?