First Steps

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Following on what I wrote about two days ago, I am trying to figure out a few things I can do to hopefully better motivate me to write. I'm sure by building this list I'm actually just postponing carrying them out, but I'm hoping that thinking about building motivation might actually build it on it's own.

So, here's a few first steps I plan to take:

1. Write about writing. I think this one is pretty self explanatory, but blogging in general has always been a great motivator for whatever I'm doing.  It provides some instant accountability and it also allows me to look back and see some type of progress (hopefully).

2. Find a class.  I mentioned this the other day, but I was too busy writing about writing to actually start the search.  I'm sure there are a few different options but I think anything is better than nothing.  My goal this evening will be to do that research.

3. Move my projects to Google Drive.  I have a bad habit of starting a story in one place, continuing it in another, and then completely forgetting what is saved where and which is a more complete draft.  I recently moved one of my stories to Google Drive and it has made everything so much easier.  I can access it from any computer so if I get a sudden bout of inspiration I can log in and work on it whether I'm at home, work, or traveling with my ipad.

4. Set some specific goals.  Back when I was doing my 25 in 25 list, one of my goals was to "finish at least one of my stories." Which is great, but pretty unrealistic.  I'm going to focus on one of my stories first, which is a screenplay.  It currently is 33 pages.  From what I understand a screenplay (for a children's movie) is about 90 pages (roughly 1 page per minute of movie).  This means I'm already 1/3 of the way there.  If I can set a goal of writing 1 page per day it would take me about two months to finish.  Obviously I probably won't write every day, but its often the case when I sit down to write and do several pages at a time.  But one page a day I think is completely reasonable. Also the thought of having a story done (or at least a first draft done) within two months almost gives me enough motivation on it's own.

*Note:  Since starting this post I've taken a few breaks to actually work on the script and got 6 page written today.  If I could do that every day I'd be done in no time!

I think that's a good start for now.  If I can focus on the above I'll be a few steps closer to actually finishing one of these projects.

Fingers crossed!

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  1. sooo happy to read this :) it makes me wicked excited. and i would love to know more about google drive... because i feel the same way about my stories, they are scattered all over!