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Monday, April 28, 2014

With so little time left together, I feel like my boyfriend and I are trying to cram 11 months worth of things into a few weeks. We returned from our cruise last Friday and jumped right into Easter celebrations on Sunday. 

On Wednesday I decided to spontaneously purchase Red Sox / Yankees tickets as a going away present for him for Thursday night.  We had talked about trying to get to a game before he left but other than mentioning that we should do it, we hadn't actually taken any steps towards planning it.  Just buying the tickets on a whim seemed to work pretty well.  The Sox lost pretty badly but it was still fun getting to go. 

Of course that left me exhausted for Friday night where we had to drive two hours down to the Cape for his Unit's goodbye dinner.  It was also fun but even more exhausting. 

Saturday night we joined my friends for birthday/going away dinner and drinks.  Again, lots of fun but another late night. 

Sunday was a going away cookout (I told you everyone was leaving me!).  We kept this one short and sweet since we were both pretty much asleep on our feet.

We saved the late afternoon for ice cream at the farm and naps on the couch.  The simplest part of the weekend and yet probably the most enjoyable part.

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