Can It Be...

Monday, April 21, 2014

Can it be that I have FINALLY figured out what I want to do with my life?  I've been moping around quite a bit these last few weeks because I'm fairly settled in everything I have going on and I'm not exactly thrilled with most of it.  I'm now on my third (fourth? maybe fifth?) desk job.  I've officially decided that they aren't for me.  I don't think they are ever really ideal for anyone, but for many people the idea of making a decent salary is very important.  I would like to not be broke for the rest of my adult life, but I don't live a very materialistic life so, while having nice things is a priority for many, having a fulfilling job is much more important to me.

I've spent much of the past few months trying to figure out what I WANT to do.  I've gone through dozens of ideas.  There have been a lot of things I think I might enjoy, but they would require more schooling and there is no guarantee I would enjoy them for long. I've come up with ideas for my own businesses however those, for the most part, require some type of start up cost. 

I really feel like a dumbass for missing the one thing that I am qualified for, I know I would enjoy, and wouldn't require an up front investment. 

During Easter yesterday my cousin (one of the three history majors on my mom's side of the family) mentioned that he got an internship with a museum up in Vermont.  He described to me the exhibit he would be working on and the types of items they had there and I was instantly jealous. 

I spent the rest of the day sulking about how lucky he was and how awesome doing something like that would be. 

Like I said, I'm a dumbass.

I live in city that is home to at least a dozen museums (several of which are in walking distance from my apartment.) I have a degree in history.  There are hundreds of volunteer opportunities in the area. 

I know most of the jobs at museums are highly competitive but I know that if I got an opportunity to impress a person or two I'd be able to work my way in some how.  I read the job description of various curator jobs around the country and they honestly sound like they were made for me.  Better yet, the pay doesn't even seem that terrible.

Ironically I even interviewed for a job at one of the museums after undergrad.  I also looked there back when I was leaving DRC.  At the time my rent/loan combo kept me from taking a pay cut, but there is nothing from stopping me from volunteering now.  Nor will there be anything stopping me from potentially making a career move should the opportunity arise after July 31st when I move back home.

I've already got my application for volunteer opportunities completed.  It might be a long way off, but I finally feel like I might be on the path to a career that I would actually wake up looking forward to every day!


  1. Sometimes it takes us a little time to figure these things out. I absolutely know what you mean. A job in a museum sounds fascinating and I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything will work out the way you want to! You deserve it!