The Apartment

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I intended to write this post ten months ago when I actually moved into my apartment, but that obviously didn't happen.  It seems silly to even write it now since I will be moving again in a few months, but I'm sure someday down the line I'd like to look back and see where I was living at this time of my life. 

Finding a one bedroom apartment that accepts a 70 lb dog was not easy.  Luckily the building I'm in right now is extremely dog friendly.  The rent is of course pretty high, but for the 13 months of my lease this has been a great place to live.

I'm located in one of the old mill buildings of Lowell along the Merrimack River.  They did an amazing job restoring it and even after 10 months I still find myself just staring at the exposed brick walls in admiration.  There is a park just behind the building.  Every evening after work the many dog owners of the building bring their dogs out and let them run.  Again, even after 10 months I still love going out there with Mac and watching all of the pups play.  Not only is this park very useful as a dog owner, but it's is also beautiful.  An aunt who came to visit me said she felt like she was in the gardens of Buckingham Palace.  I'll take it.

There are, of course, some downsides.  Paper thin walls, expensive heating bills, having to stand outside with Mac in the rain and snow but overall I'm very happy to have lived here for the time I have, but I'm also looking forward to downsizing (both in space and costs!).

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