Warning - TMI Post Ahead!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

This is another post I intended to write months ago but never got around to it.  I should take that as a sign that it should not be written, however I have a weird fascination with this topic so I'm going to share anyway. 

Last July I got shingles.  I had seen those commercials warning people about shingles, however I had hardly taken notice since only old people got shingles... or at least normally only old people get shingles. 

It started with what felt like a fever.  You know that overly sensitive feeling your skin gets just before you get sick?  It felt like that, but pretty much isolated to my torso.  I thought it was weird, but didn't think much beyond that.  I did notice a little red spot on my stomach, but anyone who spends most of their day sitting in a chair would understand why I just assumed it was from the buttons on my pants or something.  The red spot had turned into a rash on the second day and my body had gone from feeling feverish to feeling bruised, like I had been hit with a bat all over my body.  It was weird and uncomfortable, but I still ignored it.  Then the bubbles happened.  The spot on my stomach turned into a batch of little blisters.  It took me a while to really do some research and when I came to the conclusion that I had shingles pretty much everyone I knew told me I was crazy.  I ended up going to the doctors to confirm it. It's apparently not impossible for younger people to get shingles, but it is definitely less common than finding it in older people.

I was very lucky that it really only appeared in that one spot.  I now, 10 months later, still have a scar.  It took about two months from start to finish.  Some people get patches like this all over their body.  And, while it was gross and irritating, it didn't hurt me anywhere near as badly as it seems to hurt others.  They say it is generally caused by stress or an auto immune problem.  I never really figured out what the cause was for me but I'm hoping it was just stress.

If you want to  be really grossed out, see the progression in the pictures below.

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