Failed Attempts

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I didn't have much planned this weekend except for a skydiving trip.  We were supposed to go on Saturday but the weather decided not to cooperate so we quickly rescheduled for Monday.  The forecast looked beautiful and despite having to give up most of another day to the skydiving trip, we had very limited time left before Josh leaves.

We arrived early in the morning.  It had been cloudy and rainy but it looked like it was clearing up.  There were strong winds in the forecast, but at the moment everything was calm.  We all quickly suited up and hustled onto the plane.  We got all the way up, got hooked onto our tandem instructors, and the door was about to be opened when the pilot suddenly dropped the plane a bit.  Everyone turned around to hear him say that we couldn't jump.  We were all confused since everything seemed fine, but apparently the wind had picked up on the ground and it was no longer safe to jump.

This was very disappointing.  We waited around for a bit (being entertained by the wonderful Nevaeh) but it soon became apparent that the wind was not going to let up.  We tried rescheduling but later decided that we were best off trying to extend our vouchers until next year.  There is just too much to squeeze in over the next few days before Josh leaves, so we'll save it for next year when there aren't a dozen other things to stress out about on top of jumping out of a plane.

Other than the failed attempts at skydiving, this past weekend was actually quite nice.  We spent Saturday at a friend's house, drinking, laughing, and playing Cards Against Humanity. Sunday was spent lounging, catching up on 24, and eating dozens of freeze pops and ice cream (yes we had multiples of both).

After the thwarted sky diving attempt Josh and I had a nice lunch at British Beer Company followed by some more tv/ice cream/freeze pop time.  Oh, and of course there was copious amounts of puppy play time throughout the weekend. 
Mac welcoming a new pup to the group

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  1. i sooooooo wanna do skydiving! gosh,,
    hopefully the weather playing nice to you :)