The Afterlife

Friday, May 2, 2014

I somehow found myself simultaneously reading two fairly contradictory books.  The first, Jesus Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (and Why We Didn't Know About Them) is pretty self explanatory.  It looks at the Bible and uses historical critical analysis to discuss many of the problems and issues with the text itself and the context in which the Bible was written.  I agreed with pretty much everything the author said.  Between being a history major and attending a Catholic college, I was very interested in taking historical religious courses and spent a lot of time debating with my priest professors on a  lot of these very topics. 

The other book I'm reading is Messages from the Masters: Tapping Into The Power of Love.  I'm only about half way through, but it is so interesting to me how I can feel just as strongly about some of the things in this book as I do in the highly critical / borderline anti-spiritual first book.  This one looks at past life regressions.  This is something I had only vaguely heard of before reading the book, but the topic has quickly become fascinating to me.  It's basically a type of hypno-therapy.  The highly educated author and therapist takes patients suffering from a variety of ailments, hypnotizes them, and tries to find causes that may be coming from something that happened in a past life.  He gives dozens of examples in the book and each of them sounds amazing.

It's funny that I find my self nodding along to all of the talk in the first book about how miracles cannot be historically proven and therefore we cannot say for certain they happened, and then be enthralled by the story of a woman who learns that she accidentally killed her child in a past life and then days later meets and falls in love with a man that has the same birthmark as this past life child.

I know the realist / analytical / cynical part of me often stands at odds with the imaginative / fantastical /fascinated with the supernatural part of myself, but I am totally ok with that.  It all makes sense in my head.

I don't question much on the realist side of things.  I mean the whole point of it is that everything is based in historical or scientific proof.

I think about the more paranormal side of things all the time though.  I can't say I really believe any one idea since I really would like proof, but I also can't say that I don't believe that anything is possible.  I strongly ascribe to the idea that there is so much we simple don't know that we can't rule anything out completely. 

I'm fascinated by ghost stories, past life regressions, mediums, etc.  I definitely do not go around talking about these things like I know they are real, but I could still talk about them for hours.  Part of me loves the fact that we simply do not and probably will never know.  Part of me doesn't actually care if these things are real or not.  I prefer to have some mysteries... some questions in life that I know I'll never get the answer to.  Having all the answers would be boring.

Do you have any strong feelings towards the more paranormal?  Have you experienced anything that makes you feel that way?  When I'm done reading this book I plan to go out and do a past life regression.  Even if it is all just being made up in my head I think it would be awesome to experience anyway.


  1. there's a cool book called Many Lives Many Masters that i think you might enjoy

    1. It's actually by the same author of the book I'm reading now! He quotes Many Lives pretty often in it. I think I'll check that one out next.