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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

This post is a shout-out to my Guild.  I'm not sure who originally came up with this nickname, but it was never chosen by any of us in the Guild.  It was bestowed upon us by the boys.  They apparently felt the need to give my group of girlfriends a name because just referring to us as "the girls" wasn't cool enough.  Guild it is then.

We have a running iMessage chat that I think the boy are actually jealous of.  You could walk away from your phone for twenty minutes and come back to a hundred messages easily.  To be fair this doesn't happen to me as often, because I am usually one of the ones instigating the 100 messages.

It really is a great group of girls.  We all went to high school together but only formed the group as it is today during the summer after high school.  Somehow we managed to stay friends through four years at different colleges and now another four years at different grad schools, first jobs, second jobs, volunteer programs, marriages, etc.  We are rarely all here at the same time and yet we are always around.  It's strange to think about what might have become of us if we didn't have facebook/texting/imessage.  I'd like to think nothing would be different, but I'm almost certain that wouldn't be the case.

But here we are... the Guild.

Last night I was feeling particularly emotional.  I spent the night curled up under a blanket with a bottle of wine and watched Bridesmaids.  I don't know when I started becoming this overly emotional version of myself, but it's very new and foreign to me.  Being the oldest of three girls I was always the stand in boy for my father.  I was the one that had to help move heavy furniture or help fix things around the house.  I was never the girl who read Cosmo and giggled over boys.  I hated the mall and boy bands.  I was never the typical girl.  I'm not sure if its because I fought it off for so long, or if I'm just changing in my old age, but I'm starting to feel more and more... girly.  Crying for no reason was never my thing.  Now it seems to happen fairly regularly.  When my kind boyfriend asks what is wrong, half the time I can't actually even verbalize these feelings. 

After my weird night last night I texted them about it.

"Do you guys ever get really emotional about nothing? And like just cry?"

I was quickly assured that it was totally normally.  No questions asked.  No explanations needed. Thank god for the Guild. 

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