Bittersweet Weekend

Monday, June 2, 2014

This past weekend was the last one my boyfriend and I would have together for the next year.  There will be a few days in July that we'll get to see each other, but this was our last weekend at home and we wanted to make the most of it. 

Friday night after work I drove up to his parents house where we feasted on steak and lobster.  I think we both agreed that the lobster was maybe more work than it was worth, but it was delicious all the same.

Saturday morning was spent running around doing errands that had to be done before he leaves.  A field trip to Home Depot and a stop at his newly acquired storage locker took up a good chunk of the morning. 

We returned to his parents house for showers and lunch before heading out again for our couples massage.  We returned to the same place we had gone a few months before (which was his gift to me for losing a bet we had made on one of our first dates).  Since he is dealing with so much right now, I thought it would be just what he needed to de-stress before shipping out.  It was even better than last time.  I hardly realize how tense and stressed my body is until someone starts working out all of those knots.

After our massages we headed out to central MA for a cookout his friends were holding as a going away party for him.  Despite being a little chilly it was a perfect evening and a lot of fun.  

We slept in a bit Sunday morning and by the time we hit the road we decided that a stop at our favorite Mexican place would be just the thing to start the rest of our day. Following another quick stop at his house we headed up to Manchester, NH to visit the shooting range.  This was our third or fourth attempt at going and I'm happy to say we actually got to shoot!  I've never fired a gun before, but it's something I've always wanted to do.  Luckily he owns a gun and had a couple hundred rounds he wanted to use up before he left.  I'd like to think I did pretty well and even if I didn't I still had a lot of fun.

Following shooting we headed back to his house to eat lunch and hang out with his parents, relax on the couch, and spend some time with a friend.  I didn't get back to my own apartment until around 10pm and although I was exhausted, I could not imagine a better way to spend my weekend.

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