I Need A Vacation From My Vacation

Monday, June 9, 2014

As much as I love summer, I hate how I generally come out of the weekends more tired than I was going into them.  Luckily, this stretch of hectic weekends should be over... for a few weeks at least.

I took Thursday and Friday off from work to spend down on the Cape with Josh and his parents.  On Thursday there was a Deployment Departure Ceremony in a massive hanger on the base.  After the ceremony we went out for lunch and then headed to our hotel for naps.  His parents and I had been up since 4am so naps were greatly needed.  We lounged around for a while and then got dinner next door before heading back for more lounging.

We didn't have anything planned on Friday until later so we just went for a drive, had lunch, and then headed back to the base to relax.  We've spent so much of the past few months trying to cram in all sorts of activities that neither of us felt the need to run around doing anything on our last day together.

There was a cookout in the evening.  It was a good way to get to chat with some of the people he'd be deploying with, but it was overall a fairly somber atmosphere.  The anticipation of the goodbyes was possibly more painful for everyone than the actual leaving.

A few minutes before 8pm the Captain called everyone together and told them that it was time to start wrapping things up.  Everyone quickly got quiet.  It was hard enough saying goodbye to him, but watching the children having to say goodbye a parent, or watching an 8 month pregnant wife say goodbye to her husband was even harder to watch. 

My original plan for the weekend was to drive Josh's car back up NH, stay at my apartment for the night, and then head down to NJ with friends Saturday afternoon, but I instead decided that it would probably be good for me to just drive to NJ from the Cape Friday night.  It was a long drive, but it was exactly what I needed.  It provided some good time to decompress after the previous two days.

I didn't get down there until midnight, but it meant I got to spend the entire day with Alanna and Kat.  Alanna lives within walking distance of downtown Englewood which seemed to have a great selection of restaurants without being overwhelming.  We spend the afternoon laying on a blanket by the Hudson with NYC and the George Washington Bridge as our backdrop.

Later that evening Miranda and Lynsey joined us.  We spent a lot of time laughing and doing a photo shoot before heading back downtown for dinner.  I tried to stay awake for our go-to movie (Bridesmaids) but all the driving and long days had caught up with me. Luckily everyone else was pretty much in the same boat.

I spent most of yesterday driving and I actually got a sunburn on my arm from being in the sun the entire drive.  My apartment is a mess, I have no food in the house, and my laundry basket looks like its about to take over my room, but I couldn't have planned a better (or more exhausting)  "vacation".  

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