Wednesday, August 20, 2014

No, not those kinds of drugs.  I mentioned a while back that I had gone to the doctor for feeling exhausted all of the time.  I have a 45 minute commute to and from work and I was finding myself falling asleep at the wheel.  Like, actually nodding off while zooming down the highway.  This was going on for long enough that I knew it wasn't just me not sleeping well for a week or the weather or any outside factors like that.

At the same time I was also finding myself suffering pretty regularly from migraines.  I had never really experienced one until about a year ago.  I found that I was getting at least one bad one a month and had milder headaches pretty much nonstop the rest of the time.  Some were bad enough where I had to either go home or stay home from work.  I couldn't track them well enough to figure out what was triggering them, but after many months of dealing with the migraines and the two months of fatigue I finally went to the doctors.

The obvious first step was a blood test.  My doc tested for everything under the sun and everything came back perfect.  Wooo!  She also gave me a prescription for Propranalol for the migraines.  It's actually a blood pressure medication, but she said it had also been shown to stop migraines.

At my follow up appointment a month after the blood test I found that I hadn't had a migraine, but was still super tired.  We both agree that it may have been an antidepressant/anti-anxiety medication (Lexapro) I was on.  She offered to switch me to another brand but I've decided to just try coming off it all together.  It takes a few weeks to correctly come off Lexapro but I've finally done that. 

I wasn't sure if the Propranalol was actually doing anything but forgot to take it both Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday evening I was hit with a massive migraine.  I had to call out of work Friday because it was so bad.

Guess it's working.

Of course because I was out of work Friday and then went into the weekend I really haven't been able to test my fatigue but I'll try to do that over the next couple of days before my third doctors appointment for all of this.

My coworker like to think of me a Dr. House patient and we spend a good portion of our day trying to figure out the deal with all of this stuff.  It's great to know the meds are helping my migraines, but it still doesn't tell us why I'm having them in the first place.  And hopefully coming off the other meds will help with the fatigue, but what if that doesn't work? 

I'm hoping this all gets sorted soon since it's a pain trying to get to the doctors every month just to be told "lets try this" and cross our fingers and hope it works.  Hopefully third try is the charm!

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