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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Well, I am official out of my Lowell apartment and kind of moved into my parent's basement.  It's been a long few weeks of transitions since the basement wasn't done before my lease was up, but we're almost there!

Back on March 27th I took this picture.  I had just asked my parents what they thought of finishing the basement and letting me live there for a while.  They didn't want me to move out in the first place since they know how expensive rent is, but our house was just too small and crowded.  If I could have my own space (beyond just a bedroom) it would be much easier to handle.  Luckily for me, my parents had wanted to finish the basement for years and this would be the motivation they needed to just get it done.

Unfortunately, my lease was up less than 4 months from the time I asked this.

This might not seem unreasonable to most people, but anyone who has ever been in my house or seen how my family functions will know that the average time to completion of a project is around 10 years.  So yea, four months was kind of crazy.

I don't know how they did it, but they more or less made it happen (though I did spend two weeks sleeping in our camper in the driveway).  There is still more work to be done (the bathroom has nothing in it, the trim work still needs to be painted, etc.), but I was able to move my bed and tv down there.  We still have a final inspection that needs to be done so I can't move most of my belongings in for a while more, but after the last few weeks, I'm just happy to have a roof over my head that isn't made of aluminum.

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