Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I'm going through a smoothie phase right now.  I've always loved them, but I've found the process of making them and cleaning up after them so tedious that it was always too much of a project for me to ever do.  I recently decided to buy a small one serving blender (the top comes off and acts as a travel mug!).  I know you can spend hundreds on fancy ones, but this one was $15 and it has done me well so far.

I did a shopping trip and gathered all of my favorite fruits and veggies (also for around $15).  I spent one evening chopping and measuring and freezing my f&vs.  I was able to prep about 10 smoothies in 30 minutes.  By freezing them I negated the need for ice so my smoothies are a lot less watered down. Also, by prepping them all at once and freezing the individual baggies, I can wake up and dump the contents into the blender, blend, and go.  The whole process in the morning takes less than five minutes.

The downside?  Because I use a bunch of dark colored fruits and veggies, my smoothies almost always come out in one of two colors; vomit-green or diarrhea-brown.  Yes, they look disgusting, but they still taste delicious and I don't care what anyone else thinks of them.

Despite the gross color I am really loving these morning smoothies.  Oh, and the best best part?  They keep me full for several hours and only have between 150-170 calories.  Wooo, healthiness!

Put the fruits on the bottom and veggies on top since you'll want to blend the veggies first.
It's best to blend the greens and water before you start adding the fruits.
(Here is our Diarrhea-Brown variety)
(And his would be the Vomit-Green flavor)

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  1. My honey loves smoothies but I've never had one believe it or not. I need to start drinking them :)