$60,000 in Debt: Month 7

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I SWEAR I'm going to blog about something other than this debt reduction, these are just such easy posts to do and actually thinking of something to write is much harder.  Things are finally quieting down around work though so I should have some time in the upcoming weeks to write.

Anyway, here's my November recap.  I am so so close to paying off my Discover Card.  Of course they have a 5% cash back deal for online shopping at the moment, so I've used that for all of my Christmas shopping this year.  It'll be a big payment at the end, but I just wanted that balance gone.  Luckily that will be done before the one year mark of having the card (February), so I won't have to worry about interest at any point on this card.

Although it still seems like so much debt, it's great to know that I've paid off almost $13k since May.  Also, this doesn't show the massive amounts of debt I paid off before May.  I'm not sure what that amount is, but I know that in 2013 I paid $6k ALONE in interest... of course my loans switched companies so I can't look back at my history, but I know I've made great progress in the last two years. 

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