Filling The Time

Monday, December 29, 2014

One of the most important things that has gotten me through this long distance relationship/deployment is by filling as much downtime as possible.  I am the type of person that loves nothing more than to spend my weekends lounging on the couch reading a good book or binge watching a new tv show.  When it's nicer out, I could easily spend an entire day on my hammock simply relaxing. I, for the most part, enjoy the slow passage of time.  I like see everything going on around me and being able to soak it in every day.

The past 7 months, however, have been the complete opposite.  I have tried to say yes to every opportunity that has arisen.  My friends will call bullshit on this because I still refuse to go out on Friday nights after a week of work, but other than that I've made a conscious effort to get out and do things as often as possible.  

I joined a gym and signed up for 3 months with a trainer.  Sure, it's great to get in shape and have someone hold me accountable, but more importantly for me, it makes Tuesday and Thursday fly by.  I signed up for weekly classes with my dog, not because he's terribly disobedient, but because it gets me up and out of the house on a Saturday.  I've taken on every piece of work that was offered to me and even added a few projects onto my own workload to make sure I didn't have any down time in the office.  Even simple tasks like getting oil changes, returning things to Target, and doing my grocery shopping have gotten done more efficiently than ever before.  Having the control to set a simple task and cross it off my list has just made this whole time more manageable. 

I even went to one of Josh's friend's weddings.  His friend was in the Navy and deployed the entire time we were dating so I had never met him and had only met the bride once before the wedding.  My coworkers kind of thought I was crazy for being so ok with it, but I knew I'd have fun despite it being out of my comfort zone so I just did it.  Added bonus - it took up an entire day in getting ready and attending!

So how do I feel after 7 months of this?  Productive.  Everything I've done has been positive and I know that I'll look back and be glad I've done all of those things.  More importantly though?  I can't wait to have those long lazy quite afternoons back and I know I'm going to appreciate and enjoy them one hundred times more when he's back.  


  1. how much longer till josh is back?

    i may be not be (definitely not) as productive as you but i love nothing more than crossing a task off my lists, although i feel like i never do cross everything off i just end up starting a new one haha. thanks for your comment on my post, i'm beginning to see i need to make some major shifts in the people who are polluting my life and you've kinda inspired me to get out of my comfort zone after reading this. i'm such a hermit, it's like when i am around people for too long i find myself getting so anxious for my own space, my own quiet. and on top of the that, the holidays are just downright brutal for me. it's hard to celebrate these things, ya know? but anyhow, enough of my sob stories haha... i'm happy to see how well you're doing for yourself! xo love you

    1. Thanks, Kayla! Josh will hopefully be back in early May... still nothing guaranteed though. I'm sure 2015 will be an amazing year if you make it that way!