MacDonald Family Christmas Party

Saturday, December 20, 2014

My father's side of the family is pretty huge.  He was one of 8, with each of his siblings marrying and having 2-4 kids each.  It's next to impossible to see them all on Christmas itself, so we rotate hosting a family party each year.  Since my parent's house has been under constant construction over pretty much the last 10 years, it's been a while since we've hosted.

Now, with our basement (aka my bedroom) finished, and actual finished floors upstairs, we finally felt like we could have people over.

Of course we had to use my bedroom for the party so the bed was banished to an office and all the furniture was moved around so you could hardly tell I lived there :)

It was a great night over all.  Lots of food, a fun yankee swap, and my dad had a great idea of having everyone pitch in for a family donation. Everyone was invited to put in a charity of their choice and we pulled one at the end of the night.  We ended up raising $375 for the American Cancer Society.  I think that'll definitely be a tradition that will stick around.

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