One Year

Monday, December 15, 2014

It's hard to believe that my boyfriend and I have been together for one year today.  That's probably partly because we've actually been apart for 6 month of that, but also partly because that time has just flown by.

It's funny thinking back to the earliest days of our relationship.  He instantly impressed me with his coherent, non-creepy Match e-mail.  Those are (maybe not surprisingly) few and far between.  He mentioned Lost, my dog, and the Patriots all in a few sentences and he instantly caught my attention. We would talk via text for almost two weeks straight until we finally got to meet in person.  The rest was basically history.

Here we are a year later and 6000 miles apart, but I get no less giddy when I wake up to a message from him.  I get just as excited when I get to see him "in person" (aka skype).  I still roll my eyes just as much at his terrible jokes.

We still have a ways to go (131 days... not that I'm counting), but I'm eagerly looking forward to a time where we can actually celebrate something together instead of half way across the world from each other.

Anniversary date while eating lunch in my car

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