Happy Snow Day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

If you're friends with anyone from the Northeast United States, you've probably been inundated with pictures and talk of snow.  I'd say I'm sorry for adding to that, but I just love snow too much to not share some pictures.  Just some random ones from the last two days:

Calm before the storm.  Despite the snow not starting until around 3pm, the sky was pretty weird at 8am.
The snow had barely started but the traffic was terrible by the time I got out of work.
Then the snow actually picked up and it certainly didn't make the commute any easier. 
The most recent snow total prediction.  I'm right at the tip of the 24-30" range on the left.
My view this morning. 
My workstation for the day.

The snowbank formerly known as my car.

Getting ready to go out and play.

And last but not least, poor Mac trying to get outside in the morning.


  1. I AM SO JEALOUS!!! I love snow!! I love the view from your window.

    1. It was a great storm and more in the forecast for Monday!

  2. Reminds me of the last huge blizzard we had in Chicago in Feb 2011. http://www.magmilerunner.com/2011/02/snotorious-b-i-g-photos-and-video-part-two.html

    Glad this one skipped us! Have fun.