Ringing in the New Year

Thursday, January 1, 2015

I was so tempted to spend New Year's Eve on my couch with Netflix, but I managed to muster up the energy to go out with friends instead.  We headed down to Waltham to a friend's apartment.  She's the only one that currently lives within walking distance of bars so she won the honor of hosting us for the night.  Luckily she's a wonderful host and hopefully she enjoys it, too.

We had thought about going into Boston but we found a place just a minute away from her apartment that was hosting a Gatsby themed party.  I had no Gatsby gear, and it was $60 to get in so we almost didn't consider it, but after calling we found that included the cover, dinner, and all our drinks for the night.  We were all a little skeptical but it turned out as awesome as it sounded.

The bar was tiny and pretty full when we got there but we managed to wiggle our way up to the bar and find seats.  Sure enough we got a full meal, every drink was free, the DJ was awesome, and our bartended looked and acted like Andy Dwyer.

Considering we didn't even have a plan the day before NYE, I think the night turned out great... of course one friend who spent the morning over the toilet might feel that we had a little TOO much fun... but still, wonderful night overall!

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