Three Day Weekends Aren't Long Enough

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What ever happened to that lull after the Christmas and New Year's rush?  Didn't there used to be a stretch of time when nothing happened and everything quieted down for at least a few weeks?  I swear that was a thing. 

We had our annual work sales meeting last week.  It involved two days of meetings, dinners, presentations, a trip into Boston, etc.  I had to do a quick 5 minute presentation which meant any of the time I wasn't in those meetings was devoted for preparing for my presentation.  I can do a good job presenting, but that is 90% because I obsessively memorize every word I plan on saying. It's effective, but exhausting. We came back to the office for a few hours after it was all done and I just felt brain dead.  I'm pretty sure I still haven't recovered.

I was hoping to play catch up on sleep and laziness this weekend, but I was jumping between birthdays and football (go Pats!) and a million errands.

Finally yesterday I was able to be both (a little) productive and (a lot) lazy.  Gym, grocery shopping, napping, video gaming, food prepping, Downton Abbeying.  It was a successful day, but still not nearly enough of a buffer to get me ready for another week of work.
About all I have to show for my weekend.

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  1. I hope you have a wonderful week at work. That food looks rather yummy :)