How Do People Do This?

Saturday, February 7, 2015

While sitting in traffic on my way home from work last night I got a text that my parents, sister, and niece were going to the mall and out to dinner if I wanted to join them.  The mall is pretty much hell on earth for me, but I'll never say no to a free meal so I decided to go.

I don't understand how people ever voluntarily go to places like malls.  Especially on a Friday night. There were so many young people running around every where.  Everyone was making so much noise.  I ended up finding a little couch in the food court and just sat there waiting for everyone.  I know I'm on a fast track to becoming a hermit, but after last night I'm totally ok with that.

Luckily I did have the niece to entertain me for a bit... even if she's too cool to take pictures with me.
From there we head to the 99's.  My parents go there pretty regularly but I haven't been in a while.  I didn't realize people still really went there.  We had a 45 minute wait that apparently everyone else was ok with.  I ended up sitting next to one of the most obnoxious people I've ever experienced.  I'm sure you know the type.  They think they are the most hilarious person on the planet so they talk as loud as possible to share their amazingness with everyone in the room.  Except they are not even close to as funny as they think they are.

By the time we got our seats and food I was ready to be home and in bed.  Luckily the baby was feeling the same way so I could use her as my excuse for want to sneak out.
Always need the good night hugs and kisses from Mac.
Luckily we've got three days of snow in the forecast which means I've done my civic duty and graced the world with my presence long enough for one weekend.

Now time for the couch and a 30 Rock marathon!

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  1. Whenever I make the mistake of going to the mall I end up realizing it's the closet thing I'll ever see to the real-life zombie apocalypse.