Three Months With A Personal Trainer

Friday, February 6, 2015

Back when I signed up at my local gym I decided to splurge and get a personal trainer for a while.  I knew it was going to be expensive, but my main goal was to get myself comfortable with all of the machines so that when I'm on my own I'm confident enough to design my own workouts.  I didn't have any weight related goals, but I did want to feel stronger.

I signed up for two half hour sessions a week with the trainer and made sure to go at least twice a week on my own.  I would say about 80% of my time at the gym over these past three months has been weight training.  I always tried to get some cardio in before my training sessions, but I was usually rushing right from work and was lucky to get in a 5 minute warm up.

So the results?

For one, I definitely feel good about the machines.  I knew most of the basic ones, but there were some that I would not have even touched before going over them with the trainer.  And even now after three months I still have to really stop and think about some of them.

I also feel a lot stronger.  Parts of me that were a little mushy before aren't so much any more, and parts that weren't as mushy actually feel pretty toned.

While my weight has barely changed, there has clearly been progress on all of my other measurements (except my hips of course, those puppies will never go away).  I'd like to think that is from successfully building muscle while also burning a little fat.

I know it's kind of weird sharing my measurements, but they wouldn't be the weirdest things I've shared on this blog so I'm going to anyway!

I still have a lot of work to do to get where I want to be, but my time with the trainer was a great foundation to work from and gave me a lot of motivation and confidence going forward.

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