9 Months

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Somehow, miraculously, we've reached nine months into the deployment.  It's crazy to believe that it was last June that I was saying goodbye to him, and even crazier to believe that I could be seeing him again within two months (hopefully!).

It's funny, I feel like I have finally started getting used to him being gone.  I don't miss him any less, but I've just gotten completely used to our routine of communicating online and only seeing each other "in person" via skype.  I've gotten used to my own routine of work, gym, home, bed, repeat.  It was hard for a long time.  Despite the fact that we hadn't been dating for too long before the deployment, I had gotten used to and gotten comfortable with having him in my life on a regular basis.  But now that I've finally reached a new norm,  it's time for me to prepare for him to come back.  This will, of course, be a much better type of adjustment, but it'll be an adjustment nonetheless.

We still don't know when exactly he'll be home, but I have a date in mind that my gut is telling me to look forward to.  We'll see if my gut is anywhere close.  If there's one thing I've learned during this deployment, it's that the army will alway do the exact opposite of what my gut thinks it will.  I'm still holding out hope that they fix that this time around.

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