A Very Extroverted Weekend

Monday, March 30, 2015

I love my friends, but I could easily go several weekends in a row without seeing anybody and being completely happy with that.  But, in my attempt to do everything possible to keep myself busy during the deployment, I have been trying to make an effort to get out more.  This weekend was probably the most I've been around people in a long time.

It started with an early morning drive to class with Mac.  Being in a room full of people all walking in different directions and no one paying attention to where they are going is basically my definition of hell, but luckily each of those people had an adorable dog attached to them so it made it not so bad.
Mac's favorite part of class is when we leave and he gets to sniff the pee of a thousand other dogs

After dropping Mac off from class Miranda and I went to the mall.  The MALL! Crazy, I know.  What is even crazier is that I was the one who prompted the trip.  I love my Amazon Prime account, but sometimes I need to see things in person before I buy them and that requires me to journey out in public unfortunately.

Despite not actually buying anything there, I managed to survive for a few hours without having to find a corner to curl up in and cry.  Success!

Feeling very accomplished I headed back home, threw on my pjs (despite it only being 2pm) and commenced couch snuggling with a book in hand.

Then two friends from out of town (Scott and Alanna) texted to see what I was doing.  They wanted to stop by so I struggled back into some pants and made my way up stairs.  Luckily having a two year old in the house takes most of the work out of entertaining people and everyone could just enjoy watching her run in circles (literally) in my room.
The extroversion didn't stop there though!

They wanted to get out and do something.  I was so so tempted to go back to my couch but I went out instead.  Luckily we were going out for ice cream which is the easiest way to lure me out of my nesting spot.

From there we went to Alanna's house where we just hung out for a bit until Miranda showed up again and we headed down to Waltham for dinner, drinks, and dessert at the Mederos/McA'Nulty household.  It was a wonderful dinner with some great conversations and, despite the day being completely exhausting, it was a very good day.

I'm just realizing now that all of that just happened on Saturday and I didn't even leave my house on Sunday... so I guess one super extroverted day over powers any of my normal introverted activities in one weekend.

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  1. i am the same with you!!! i could spend all day in my home without seeing anyone else. hhaaa. i love my me time, but i realize that even a rabbit should get out of the hole. haha. glad that you had a lovely time with your friends.