Sunday, March 15, 2015

It seems like we are always trying to plan a trip down to New Jersey to visit friends but schedules never align all at once.  Somehow more than two of us were available at the same time so we decided to hop in a car and just go for it.

We left Friday night after work but we had a pretty easy ride and got there in almost exactly four hours.  Since we're all elderly, we just hung out for a while until we started dropping like flies. I think I was the first to drop and I'm totally ok with that.

Our hosts made us a wonderful breakfast in the morning and after relaxing around the apartment for a  bit we decided to head into NYC.  It was forecasted to pour all day, however any time we were out walking it just seemed to be misting a bit. 

Despite having breakfast just a few hours before, we all agree we could eat (really there is never a time where I CAN'T eat).  We headed to District Tap House which I believe our hosts have been to a few times.  I'm in the middle of doing a gluten sensitivity test per doctors suggestion so this made going out to eat very interesting, but I managed without struggling too much.  I ended up ordering baby back ribs (something I don't think I've ever ordered while out to eat) and had to skip almost everything on their amazing beer menu but was happy with my Crabbie's Ginger Beer instead.

To make my gluten loving self suffer some more, we went to Reichenbach Hall (a German beer garden) from there.  I don't know how a real person can manage to drink a boot of beer, but our brave friend Brent did it.  I stuck with some cider.

I'm sure I'll talk more about this gluten thing, but considering I went to a pub and beer hall and could easily find alternatives for gluten based products, I have to say it actually wasn't too bad.  It's just hard for me to pass up all that tasty beer.
My little cider compared to the boot
We somehow spent an entire day between those two places.  It say a lot about a group of people when you can just sit there doing nothing (besides eat and drink) and never have a dull moment together.

We all managed to hobble (most of us because of over eating and some because of injury) back to the bus and then on to the apartment.  We spent the rest of the night eating even more and playing ancient Sega and Nintendo games.
Family Fued... 1993 style
The next morning brought some more relaxing with a quick stroll down the the town center for pizza before heading back home.  Despite a large storm hitting Massachusetts, we managed to just skirt around it and didn't hit bad roads until we were back in our home town.

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