Past Life Regression: Part 1

Monday, March 16, 2015

I have always been fascinated by the more mystical aspects of life.  Ghost, mediums, all of the unseen and unknown forces around us, etc.  I'm captivated by anything that really just can't be proven.  At the same time, however, I'm very much a skeptic.  I've gotten my fortune read multiple times and I've never once actually believe them.  I love ghost stories but I have never experienced one myself.  Despite that, I don't think any amount of bad or non-experiences will lessen my interest in the subject. 

A long time ago my boyfriend lent me a book about past life regressions.  I was immediately intrigued.  The concept is that you are hypnotized and "brought back" to a past life.  Some of the stories in this book were amazing in the amount of detail that was described.  Like my experience with fortune tellers, I didn't necessarily believe what these people were experiencing were ACTUALLY their past lives, but I was still captivated by it.  Despite almost a year going by, my boyfriend remembered my fascination with it and my eagerness to try it and for Christmas got me three sessions with someone who does past life regressions.

These regressions are mainly used as a form of therapy so while some people thought it was weird that my boyfriend essentially paid for therapy sessions for me, I couldn't imagine a more fitting gift.

I want to share my "regression" story, but I though I should first share my overall experience with it:

  • First, I was working with a licensed mental health counselor.  She handles all different types of counseling and therapy so I wasn't going to some mystic in a back alley or walking through a curtain of hanging beads to do this.
  • The therapist told me that we needed to have a "goal" to focus on, some issue to try to get to the root of during the session.  While I really just wanted to do this for fun, I figured I could focus on my anxiety and see if I could make any positive changes with that.
  • She also wanted me to try to get a message from each past life I visited.  She said we wouldn't go back to those lives if there wasn't something specific we were supposed to learn from them.
  •  I was not hypnotized.  That was actually something I was looking forward to since I've never done it before, but the woman I was working with said that was not how she did it and it wasn't necessary for the experience.
  • I do not necessarily believe that what I was experiencing was a "past life".  I of course can't prove it either way, but I definitely didn't feel like I KNEW that this was a past life that I was reliving.
  • That being said, I can absolutely see how this would be an effective therapy technique and despite not feeling like I needed therapy going into this session, I felt like I came out of it having gained a lot (I started crying within the first few minutes if that give you any indication of how it went).  

I'm going to break up my experience into multiple parts because it is pretty long and I want to preserve everything as best as possible without exhausting my poor fingers from typing too much at once.

See here for Part 2.

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