Past Life Regression: Part 3

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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After feeling like I got the message that the last past life was trying to tell me, we agreed we should move on to a different life. She asked me to imagine another door in front of me.  She again counted down and then asked me to step through the door.

I was in a market.  Everything around me was built with white powdery rock... possibly limestone.  It reminded me of the material the Coliseum was made from.  There were people all around me.  Everyone was shopping for all types of goods.  I was there looking for an animal skin.  My son needed a blanket.

She asked if I knew when I was.  I felt like I was in ancient Rome.  At the time no year came to mind, but as soon as I finished the regression the year 434bc was engrained in my mind.

She asked me to go to my house.  It was at this point that I realized in this life that I was man.  I went back to my small (also limestone) house, in a narrow alley surrounded by many other small connected houses.

In the house was my wife and son.  I was anxious.  She asked why.

I was going off to war. I was trying to  get everything in place so my family would be alright if I didn't come back.

She asked me to move forward to the time of the war.  I pictured myself and an army marching along water.  We were far from home. She asked how I was feeling.  Not happy.  I felt like this war wasn't justified.  I wasn't protecting my family or my land.  It was all motivated by greed but there was nothing I could do to stop it.

She asked me if I survived the war.  I did.  She asked me to move forward to after I return.  I was back at my house.  She asked how I was feeling.  Angry. Bitter.  It was a long war.  I missed my child growing up and I lost many good friends in battle.  The war had changed me in a bad way.  I was always mad and unhappy now.  Despite having been home from the war for a few years, I felt like it had ruined everything that once made me happy.

She then asked me to move forward to the end of my life.  I was on a small bed in that same house, surrounded by family (my wife, my son, his wife, many grandchildren).

She asked how I was feeling.  I was happy.  At some point prior I had let go of my anger.  I accepted the fact that I could not change what had happened and that I could not get back those lost years, but I could make changes to live the rest of my life forward as happy as possible.

I went from the angry bitter man back to my happy loving self and was able live a good life from that point on.

I think the lesson from this one was pretty clear, too.  I can hold a grudge with the best of them, but I need starting thinking about how holding grudges and getting angry about something beyond my control actually affects me and my loved ones.  I need to work on letting some things go.

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