Past Life Regression: Part 4

Saturday, March 21, 2015

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We then moved on to the last life during this session.  Again, she asked me to imagine a door and to go through it.

I was immediately transported to the beach.  It was a dreary and overcast day, but beautiful.  I sat in the dunes looking out over the water.  Behind me was a small beach cottage.  There was no one around. I was pregnant.  I was completely alone but at peace.

She asked if I knew what year it was.  It felt like the 1970s.

She asked me to move forward in this life.  I was in a house now and I was arguing.  I now had a small child with me, a little girl.  I was fighting with my husband.  I was fearful for both myself and my child.  There had been abuse in the past and I could no longer put up with it.  I had to leave.

She asked me to again move forward.  I was back at the beach.  The small cottage I had seen earlier was now mine. Mine and my child's.  We had our own place now, far from the threats and constant fear.  It may not have been what I expected, but I was content, my child was happy, and we were both safe.

She asked me if I could move forward to see how I feel about all of this in the future. I was at a grandchild's birthday party.  My ex-husband was there.  Despite having been long broken up I felt like we were on amicable terms.  We were both there and happy for what our family had become even if it did not go as planned.

The message from this life would be kind of vague if there weren't some specific things in my life that I felt it was pointing towards.  I'm not experiencing any abuse, but there are definitely some things in my life that I think I just need to make a clean break from.  Perhaps someday I will be able to feel amicable and content with everything, but I may never reach that point if I don't do what I need to now to separate myself from.


Despite that taking four full blogs posts to write up, all of it took less than an hour to experience.  It was definitely different from what I was expecting going into it, but it was still an amazing experience.

So here are my final thoughts on it:

  • I cannot say whether what I was experiencing was a past life or just part of my vivid imagination. The "memories" did not feel any different from the memories I knew were real, but that doesn't mean they weren't just made up.
  • I was crying pretty much through the entire process.  Although I can't say they were real memories, they cultivated very strong and real emotions.
  • It was interesting that when the therapist asked me what I wanted to work on I just defaulted to anxiety, and yet as soon as we started my mind immediately jumped to three much bigger issues that I actually need to address in my current life.
  • So, whether I think these are truly messages from my past lives, or just my mind letting me know what is plaguing it, I feel I really did isolate some things that I should start working on.  I wouldn't recommended this for someone just looking for something fun to try, but as a form of therapy I feel it could be very effective for a lot of people.

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