$60,000 in Debt: Month 11

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Nothing big happening this month money-wise.  I'm getting close to a few big things like my trip to Europe and possibly buying a car (I know, I know, worst thing to do when trying to decrease debt!) so I'm trying to keep my money where it is for the next couple of months. I am very tempted though to pay off my smallest loan which is now almost under $2k.

While there isn't much to look at for this month, it's pretty cool to see that I'm down $17k in less than a year (maybe I'll try to hit $20k for the one year mark?).  Also, it's not clear from this chart, but my student loans just dropped below $35k!

Weekend in Pictures

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Friday was beautiful and despite there still being quite a bit of snow on the ground, we spent most of the afternoon outside.  This was the first time it actually felt like spring.  The rest of the weekend including Easter were much cooler, but rumor is that it's going to finally warm up again towards the end of this week (after we get some snow tonight, of course).