He's Home!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

327 days after leaving, he is finally home :) :)

In some ways it feels like he just left yesterday, in many other ways it felt like years.  I'm just happy he is finally home.

We weren't even sure when he'd be coming home until the night before he hopped on a plane for Boston.  I essentially had my office on high alert that at any moment I'd get up, walk out, and head for the airport.  Luckily, they were almost as excited as I was, and they were basically pushing me out the door when the time came.

I managed to maintain my composure while waiting for him at the airport, but I was shaking the entire time I stood there.  It really felt like I was in shock. I don't have any pictures of our reunion because I was, you know, too busy reuniting.  I know there is at least one stranger with our picture though.

From the airport we went to his mother's office to surprise her.  We hid out in her cube and her face when she came around the corner and saw him was priceless. His dad was home from work sick so from there we drove to his house for another surprise.  Because we really didn't know when he'd be coming home, he didn't want to have to make his parents take time off of work to pick him up, but surprising them was way more fun anyway. 

Because this would be my only afternoon off from work for a while, we used that time to drive an hour north to go meet little puppy Otto.  He was the most cuddly adorable little thing, and I can't wait until he gets to come home in a few weeks!

After that we drove back to his house to have dinner with his parents.  As strange as it was suddenly having him back home, it was amazing how immediately comfortable I felt again.  It had been almost a year of only seeing each other once a week via skype, and yet it felt like we haven't missed a beat.  

I don't think I can really put into words how happy having him back makes me.  I'm so proud of him for what he's done in the past year, but I am so so glad to finally have him back home!

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  1. yayy!!! can't even fathom how happy you must be :) xox