Day 1: London - Jet Lag and Park Naps

Saturday, May 16, 2015

After squeezing in a half day of work, we took an overnight flight from Boston to London with a stop in Dublin.  As painful as it is to lose a full night's sleep, I really feel this is the best way to get over jet lag.  Also, the first chance you DO get to sleep is the greatest night sleep you'll ever have.

One of my favorite parts of traveling is when you finally arrive at your destination and find a map.  For some reason that first moment of orienting yourself to a new place is the greatest feeling.  It was easy enough figuring out how to get from the airport to our hotel, but the OysterCard system was pretty confusing.  Luckily there was a woman there whose sole job seemed to be helping the tourist get a card.

It was only around 9 in the morning so it was way too early to check into our hotel (we were staying in a hotel for our time in London since it was just the two of us and hostels were actually pretty pricey... this was our little splurge on the trip).

Our hotel was near King's Cross so we decided we'd just wander around there for the afternoon.  It was a beautiful day so we strolled though a few parks, had lunch outside, and then found ourselves at the British Museum.

The jet lag was already hitting us, but we managed to spend a couple hours in the museum.  While history puts most people to sleep, it almost always wakes me up and makes me excited to just wander around.

When we found ourselves stopping at every bench we found, we figured it was just time to leave the museum.  We still had an hour to kill before we could check in so we found our way to Russell Park, laid down, and woke up an hour later.  I think the only reason we woke up was because the sun had set to the point where it was going behind a tree and we were in the shade.  If it was warm enough we probably would have found ourselves waking up the next morning instead.

We finally made it back to the hotel, took a quick shower and then took an amazing nap.  Jet lag naps are the best.  We didn't want to sleep through the night though, so we forced ourselves to get up and out for dinner.  We ended up at this small pub down a side alley. We tried staying up for a bit, but as soon as we were done with dinner we agreed it was just time to get back to bed to start fresh the next day.

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