Day 10: Galway - Josh's Nostalgia Day

Monday, May 25, 2015

Jesse was going on a tour to the Cliffs of Moher, Johnny had to go back to work, and Jake had moved on to Dublin, so it was back to just Josh and myself.  We spent most of the day just walking around seeing all of his old favorite sites.  We made our way over to his old campus and then on to his apartment.  Along the way to got to meet some adorable horses. After a quick stop at the hostel for lunch we headed back out towards Salthill and got a beautiful view of Galway Bay.

After that we met back up with Jesse and a few of his friends that happened to be visiting at the same time for dinner and a few drinks. They had just come from Dublin so it was nice to talk to them about what they thought of it.

The bigger group went on to another pub after, that but Josh and I took it easy and just got some ice cream before heading back to the hostel. 

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