Day 14-15: Dublin - The End

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Despite trying at the last minute to get a hostel bed for another night because he didn't want to leave us, everything was booked so Jake had to move on to Cork.  Jesse had stayed out until 4am or something crazy like that and was resting, so Josh and I went out for coffee and to visit my old apartment.

After creeping around there we took a walk through Trinity and got some lunch at Porterhouse.  After Jesse got up we went out for gelato and then back to Porterhouse to try some of their craft beers.  We were all pretty exhausted so we called it an early night.

The next day we got to see some more of the city.  We stopped at Dublin Castle, which I had never actually entered while I lived there.  It's not much of a castle but the little garden area was very pretty.

After that we visit Dublinia.  I think this was probably my fourth time there, but I always find it fun to visit. 
From there the boys headed off to the Guinness Storehouse and I headed back to meet up with my old roommate Ellen.  I took me forever to find the place we were meeting (life is tough without wifi!), but luckily she got caught up selling bikes at her bike shop so she was running late, too.  We had a delicious lunch and had a great time catching up and reminiscing.  We took a couple of drinks up to their roof terrace and enjoyed the little bit of sun we got until it started raining.  She then came back with me to the hostel so that she could meet the boys. 

They hadn't eaten so after chatting for a bit we decided to go back out into the rain and find some food.  Guess where we ate?  Another small pub! I will admit that I was completely sick of pub food by the end of this trip, but they always have the coziest feeling to them.

It was then time to head back to the hostel and pack one last time :( :(

We had only been gone for two weeks, but home and work seemed like such a distant memory.  It felt like I had been gone for months.  It was so nice getting to finish this trip in Dublin.  I hope I can get back there and visit again, but being able to return three years later really put some perspective on my time there and how grateful I am to have had that opportunity.

Now, thinking about those two weeks of traveling feels like months ago, but I had so much fun seeing old friends and making new friends with so many wonderful people that I won't be forgetting it anytime soon.

So... is it too soon to start planning my next trip?

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