Days 7-9: Galway - Wandering and Drinking

Sunday, May 24, 2015

We didn't have much time before our flight to Ireland, but we managed to squeeze in a walk through Princes Street Garden where we got this beautiful view of Edinburgh Castle.

It was a short bus ride to the airport and I am very happy to say that I made it on to a Ryanair flight with no baggage issues!  I've always made it on these flights with what I've brought, but I've always had to "prove" my bag was small enough, or unpack several layers and wear them onto the plane to meet their requirements.

Unfortunately, the flight was delayed for no apparent reason and, despite sprinting through the airport, we missed our bus to Galway.  Fortunately, everyone is pretty relaxed in Ireland and they had no problem just transferring our tickets to the next bus that came through instead.
We arrived in Galway and found our way to our hostel (only after doing a full circle of Eyre Square) where we met up with Josh's cousin, Jesse.  We were all very hungry and Josh already had a list of places he wanted to eat at, so we immediately went out for food. (Not sure if I've mentioned it, but Josh studied in Galway about 5 years ago so this was a bit of a homecoming for him.)

After dinner we went to the Salt House which was a small pub with a lot of craft beers.  It was loud and crowded but made me so happy to be back in Ireland.

The next day we spent the morning wandering around the city with our new hostel friend, Jake.  We did another free tour (again, only after fully circling the square searching for the starting point!) This tour was much more casual than the others, but just as fun.  The tour guide told us that he also did the nightly pub crawls and had had a rambunctious group of Germans the night before that left him feeling a little under the weather.  At least he was honest!
No Irish church is complete without a little JFK mosaic
We lost Josh for a bit at the end of the tour, but after finding him again we head out to find food.  After eating we headed back to the hostel to find Josh's Irish friend Johnny (I felt very left out that my name did not start with a "J").  We let those two catch up while the rest of us went back to our room to rest for a bit.

After power naps we had a few drinks in our room before we headed back out.  We went to The King's Head first for drinks.  Within the first 5 minutes there my drink had already been smashed on the ground if that give any indication of how the night went.  It was not smashed by me, just to be clear!

We headed to SuperMac's after that because there is nothing Josh and I missed more about Ireland than fries doused in artery-clogging junk after drinking.  It brings back so many memories.

While everyone was really just getting started, I was exhausted and decided to go back to the hostel and let them have a guys night.  I'm not even sure what time they came back, but I know they had fun.

Due to the excessive fun the night before, most of Saturday was spent with everyone sleeping and/or hungover.  I took this as a perfect excuse for a Penny's shopping trip!  It worked out perfectly for me.

We took it easy that night and just hung out in the hostel common room with a pizza and a few drinks which was just as fun if not more-so than the bars outside (to me at least!).

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