Day 3: London - Rain, Tower of London, Ripper Walk

Monday, May 18, 2015

Unfortunately we woke up to rain.  It wasn't down pouring though so we decided to still go ahead with our plans to visit the Tower of London.  I went there as a kid and I credit this as the place where I first realized how awesome history was.  That would eventually lead to me to studying it in college and getting my degree in it.
Luckily the exhibits are all housed in the various buildings so we only had to spend a few minutes in the rain before we got to the next building.  We saw the Crown Jewels, multiple military museums, the torture rooms, and got to walk along the wall that encircle the castle.  We also got to do the Beefeater tour, but because of the rain we just went to the chapel and sat there for the tour.  I can't say we hated sitting after three days straight of walking.

We had lunch at a kebab place (another theme of this trip) before heading back for naps.  Even if the jet lag wasn't effecting us anymore, the amount of walking we were doing was exhausting in itself, plus we had an exciting night planned so we didn't feel bad about another midday nap.

That night we headed back to the Tower of London because that happened to be where the free Jack the Ripper tour started.  I was a little concerned about doing a free tour because I wasn't sure what to expect.  It was, however, fantastic.  They work for tips so they really put on the best show possible in hopes that you'll pay what you think it was worth.  I start the tour thinking I'd give a few pounds, and pretty soon into I thought, "this is worth way more than that! £5 at least!" That at least doubled by the end of the tour.  It really was awesome.

Of course I feel bad saying that such a gruesome tour was "awesome" but it was interesting to hear that tours like that one had been going on pretty much since the murders took place.  Our guide told us that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle even once did a Jack the Ripper tour. I unfortunately don't have any pictures of the tour since it was dark out, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting London.

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