$60,000 in Debt: Month 14

Friday, July 24, 2015

I mentioned in my last monthly update that I was planning on buying a new car.  I made one last big payment on my old car and fully paid it off.  I also went out and put a huge down payment on the car I wanted, however its been over a month now and they are really struggling trying to find me my car.

Now I'm second guessing myself.  My car now runs fine.  It could probably use some tires that handle winter weather better, but other than that it is a perfectly functioning 7 year old car... that I now own outright. 

As much as I want a shiny new toy, I know the smart thing to do is to wait until I need something new.  It also doesn't help that in the next few months I may be moving to NH where I wouldn't have to pay sales tax on a new car, and where I'd also have to pay to register it all over again and get new plates, etc.  It just makes sense to wait. 

The smart thing would be to take that money I would spend every month on the car and just put it towards my loans.  That would pay them off so much faster... and perhaps when those are finally gone I can reward my self with a new car.

I hate having to make adult decisions.

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