$60,000 in Debt: Month 15

Friday, August 14, 2015

I said last month that I was second guessing my new car purchase.  Even if I wasn't second guessing it, it's likely that I still wouldn't have my car since it seems impossible for the dealership to find the one I wanted (I wanted a 2016 Honda HRV. They're new and they get picked up almost as soon as they hit the lot).

I still really want the car, but I know that I need to be smart so I cancelled my order and got my $3000 deposit back from the dealership.  Now, having that money sitting in my bank account, I realize how nice it feels to have a little bit of money.  Sure, a new car might feel nicer, but knowing I have even the smallest bit of purchasing power is a great feeling, too.

One of my undergrad student loans (part of the $9,362 below) is just under $2000.  Normally when I hit that mark I can't resist the urge to just pay it off entirely.  In any other circumstance I would do that.  But... I may be buying a house.  It's still not set in stone and its still a few months off, but my focus right now needs to be on saving a down payment.  My goal is to get that down payment without touching my emergency fund, but that means no giant payments on my student loans :(  Not yet at least.

I've officially changed my Fun Fund to my House Fund and I'm currently still in denial about how much money I need to pour into that account.  I'll worry about that next month.

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