A Pup-tastic Weekend

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on here, but my boyfriend's goal since returning from his deployment was to get a job in law enforcement.  Neither of us knew how long that would take, or where it would end up happening, so it has pretty much been a wait and see game since May.

While we thought it could take years, he managed (not surprisingly since he is an ideal candidate!) to get a job offer from one of the first places he applied.

Of course this means lots of changes all around.  For one, this job is in NH and he has to live within 20 miles of the town.  Since we want to live together, this means that I have to live within 20 miles of the town.  That means, at minimum, I'll be about 50 miles north of my job (but will probably be closer to 60).  Fortunately, my company has been great and we're going to work out a generous work from home policy for me.

Before we can get to that though, he needs to complete the Police Academy.  It starts next week and run for 16 weeks. Yikes.  He'll have to live at the academy for the week but can come home on the weekends.  Neither of us felt it was fair to leave his pup with his parents, so I'm going to be taking (not so little) Otto while he's at the academy.

Otto is madly in love with Josh and doesn't do very well when he's not constantly by his side, so we spent last weekend getting him comfortable with my house.  He's been there several times, but he had never spent a night in his crate there.

Night number one was rough.  He cried almost the entire night.  Meanwhile my dog, Mac, who is used to sleeping on the bed with me, kept trying to jump up on the bed and scaring the crap out of both of us.

Luckily the second night was better.  The two dogs playing non-stop for the entire day probably helped a lot.

It'll be interesting to see how Otto does starting next week when he is in a new place and without Josh.  Fingers crossed!

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