Beers, Boys, and Bee Stings

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Friday night was a girls night out on the town.  I sometimes forget that my office is only 15 minutes from Boston, but it really is so convenient to get into the city from here.  I headed in right after work and met up with a few friends at Fajitas & Ritas.  We got a few pitchers of margaritas (we couldn't decide between strawberry and mango so we just mixed the two together) and a massive quesadilla.

After that we headed to the Harpoon Brewery where another friend was having a birthday celebration.  Despite being almost at the bursting point from the food and drink I already had, I still got a sampler of their beer.  I made the mistake of saving the ones I liked best for last because by the time I actually got to them, I was just too full to drink anymore.  You'd think by 27 I'd have learned that "saving the best for last" doesn't always work out.

After Harpoon it was time for the main event... Thunder from Down Under!

It was definitely entertaining.  Not quite as Magic Mike-y as I was hoping, and definitely not even close to Montreal, but it was still a ton of fun.

As difficult as it is for me to muster the energy to do things on Friday nights, it does always make me feel like the weekend is just a little bit longer.  I got to do my morning walk with Mac, laundry, cleaning etc., and only then did I realize that it was actually Saturday and not Sunday.  I then went up to Josh's for the afternoon to relax.

Sunday was similarly relaxing.  Josh and I went to the Barking Dog for lunch which was the location of our second date.  It's weird how going back to a place you've only been once before can bring up such strong memories and feelings.  Since I didn't get to finish my beer sampler at Harpoon, I decided to try again here.  No problems this time.

The only exciting part of my weekend was when I was stung by some mystery creature.  It got right into the webbing between my thumb and index finger.  It was fine (albeit burning and a little itchy) on Saturday, but by Sunday it had blown up.  
This is when I first noticed the swelling.  I thought it looked bad enough to take a picture.
Little did I know within a few hours it would look like this...
I probably should have gone to the doctors, but I wanted to wait it out for a bit and almost exactly as the 48 hour mark hit, the swelling slowly starting going down. It's still a little itchy, but it finally looks like a hand again and not like a hamburger patty.

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