$60,000 in Debt: Month 16

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Another month down.  Nothing exciting to note here.  My sophomore year of college is $1499 away from being paid off (freshman year is already gone!) so that is exciting.  It's really hard to continue drastically cutting my student loans when I now have something so big to save for, but it's getting there, slowly but surely.

I think I'm going to start trying to track little ways in which I save money each month.  They sometime seem insignificant to the point of not mentioning, but in reality all of the little things do add up.

How I saved money this month:

I switched to Gieco.  I know, I know. I sound like a commercial.  I have had car insurance through MetLife since I was at my last company.  There was a group discount and the payment was automatically withdrawn from my paycheck each week.  Even after I left my job the price didn't jump too much so I didn't question it.  I decided to just see what else was out there, and I was shocked to see many other companies were offering the same coverage for a lot less. 

I don't remember what the deal was exactly, but it was only recently that the bigger companies like Geico were allowed in Massachusetts.  They were just never an option in the past so when I first started driving I just did whatever my parents did and it seemed to work fine.

Now that there is a lot more competition it seems like prices are much more affordable.  I went from paying $107 a month to $55 a month for the exact same coverage.

I guess it differs from person to person, but if you've been with the same company for a long time, I would absolutely recommend shopping around.  I just saved myself $624 this year alone. 

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