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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I said last week that I really wanted to make the effort to get out for a hike again before fall hit, and since Friday was my birthday, I decided that would be my birthday present to myself.

I had dinner with my family and then went out with friends for drinks Friday night, but Josh and I were up early on Saturday to get out into the woods.  I had wanted to do something with a little bit more of a climb, but this was going to be Otto's first hike so I figured we'd keep it easy.

I live about 5 minute away from a State forest that, until about a year ago, I thought was a tiny patch of woods that wasn't worth entering.  I was very wrong and I'm sad I spent so many years ignoring this place.
We walked on one trail for about 45 minutes until we hit a paved road, but I know that there are miles of other trails out there that we didn't touch.  It was early enough that we only encountered other people a couple of times.  It was so nice being out there with my boys.  Both Mac and Otto seemed to love the mini-hike so I'm hoping we can start taking them out for a few bigger ones soon.
The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and watching football.   Overall, a very low key birthday, but that pretty much exactly how I would have wanted it to go.

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