Happy New Year!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

...well, not really.  But happy company new year!  Our fiscal year runs October 1- September 30 so today we start a new year.  We managed to hit all of our numbers for the last year which is a great thing.  I went from a company that was pretty much imploding due to poor management, to a company that was tanking (and eventually bought out) due to several factors, to a company that is not only doing well, but exceeding expectations.

Our head office over in Ireland celebrated with champagne in the office, but our president here decided we'd all prefer a half day off next Friday.  I won't argue with that!

With the new year comes some new job changes.  We've done some restructuring and my position (for the third time since I start here less than two year ago) will be changing again.  I'll not longer be coordinating conferences and I'll be getting two of my own territories to support.  Prior to this I was general support for all territories (which I'll still be doing), but I'll be support two of the territories more heavily.

Back when I was leaving my old company and got two job offers in the same day I was really torn about which job to take.   They were different in almost every way. A massive company versus a tiny one.  A very clearly defined position and advancement schedule versus a job that changes almost on a monthly basis.  I took a risk and I'm so happy I did.  Sure, things can get chaotic and stressful from time to time, but the number of different roles I've been able to play here has allowed me to find so many things I enjoy that I would have never tried at another company. 

So as of today I start with my new role and I hope that I am continuously able to learn new things and grow even more than I have so far.

We've come off a great year and hopefully have another great year ahead of us.

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