Little Changes

Friday, October 2, 2015

Sometime I feel like little changes can have a huge impact.  Maybe it's just because I'm a huge dork, but when I make small changes to better myself I get really excited.  Sometimes it just something that I've put off for a long time but when I finally just make the change it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, no matter how small the change was.

I try to do just one small change a week.  None make a huge impact, but they always seem to build up to something bigger. 

One example is finally getting a sensor replaced in my car that was giving me error messages every time it started. The part was a few dollars but I had put it off for the three years I had the car.  It doesn't change the way my car runs, but being able to check that item off my mental list of "things you should do" felt great.

Rearranging my furniture in my basement so it was more open for the dogs to play was another one.  I can't say the room is feng shui'd at all, but having that big open space just feels so much better.

Finally booking an eye doctors appointment (eight years late!) will be another (when I actually do it).

My big (little) change this week was getting a new mouse.  I've been using an Apple Magic Mouse since I started here.  We use Macs but we run Windows on them so while the mouse probably works great on the Mac side, it's pretty terrible on the PC side.  It's too sensitive and erratic but, considering myself technologically savvy, I refused to accept the fact that the mouse and I just didn't work well together.

That was until last week when my wrist started to cramp up.  A few projects I've been working on lately involve a lot of clicking and moving my mouse around and I think my wrist is just not happy.  So I finally bit the bullet and asked for a new mouse.  While it definitely works better than my Magic Mouse, my wrist still isn't happy.

So, while I thought my (big) little change was just going to be getting a new mouse, I've actually deicded to be true to myself and commit to being a full time lefty!  Ok, typing that makes me feel even more lame.
I am a lefty but (as any lefty would know) mice were, for a long time, right handed only.  Eventually you were able to switch them, but by then I had been using my right hand my entire life and it worked fine.

With this wrist pain though I just can't keep using my right hand.  I feel like I'm learning how to walk again or something.  I think I'll get used to it quickly, but this must be how it feels when you ask a righty to do anything with their left hand.

The worst part of all of this?  The little cursor you are so used to seeing does not make sense when you're using a lefty mouse.  And there are no lefty cursors saved on my PC! I had to go download some to get it working correctly.

I'm still not 100% sure about going full lefty, but at least my wrist has gotten a break for the day. 

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